Getting back into the swing of things.

So it's over. The Chemotherapy is done and dusted, and the radio therapy starts on Thursday. The end is in sight praise the Lord, and best of all, my wee baldy nut (head) doesn't glow in the dark anymore... there's a bit of fuzzy stuff all over it! Yeah! So, with slightly more strength and energy, I've been celebrating... in London for starters.

Keeping a promise made a very long time ago - over a year to be precise. So, my cousin's son Lewis (my "nephew") and I headed to the big smoke after a year's hard work in school for him. It was as gentle a little trip as is possible in a big city. We;
  • went to the King Tutenkhamen exhibiton (disappointing)
  • saw the "Mummies" 3D film (seriously attractive specs)
  • stayed with friends Julie and Simon and ordered Indian food for tea (eyes light up)
  • watched the most amazing foxes in the garden (great entertainment for an hour after breakfast)
  • travelled from Greenwich to the Tower pier by boat (why is the w silent?)
  • went to the Tower of London (they let us leave again)
  • saw the crown jewels (nice and sparkly)
  • ate ice cream to cool us down (hot and sunny while Belfast had muggy and pouring)
  • went to a toy shop. Hamleys. (Wow! Brilliant! Amazing! Do we have to leave?)
Oh to be 11 years old again. ;o)
(Next time Lewis, bring your passport. You're an excellent travelling companion and I really enjoyed our trip!)