ssshhhh.... hear it?

It's peace and quiet.

The house looks like a bomb has hit it thanks to a couple of weeks of  ".... just leave it, I'll sort it... no really... just walk away and I'll see to it....".  I think I now know how parents feel when all the kids go to camp all at once.  Except here, it's the parents who've gone.

I have such plans.

In between...

  • decluttering the entire house
  • power-hosing all the paths
  • painting all the fences
  • replanting the garden and tubs
  • filling the freezer with meals to feed us for months
  • entertaining every night
  • paint that bedroom
  • source the fabric and make new curtains

... I plan to eat without consultation as to what others fancy, lose at least 20 pounds, have a daily walk for miles on the beach and have a three hour quiet time every day.  Oh yes, and order the book for book club and have it read by the time the folks are back.

It's only a week... but a girl can dream huh?

Now, where to start... maybe a cup of tea and a list.