Lovely surprise!

I am a winner!!  No, literally!  I entered a wee competition and said why I loved the photograph below and have actually won it!  Yippee!    It's "The Cove at Dawn" and it's a small bay on the North Antrim Coast near a tiny harbour called Ballintoy - close to where I have a holiday home.

I loved the way the photographer ( captured the stunning dawn light and the geology of the area - bassalt and chalk - and the mirror like reflection in the water as well as Sheep Island in the distance.  

Now does this not just make you want to go and see the glory of it all for yourself?!

Mad hatters

A scarf on Christmas day wasn't enough.  A hat was required...  and today, the fitting - though I'd slipped up.  One smaller nut needed a lid too, so a hasty click and wind was called for during the Hidden Kingdoms programme on telly this afternoon (small beasties and astonishing camera work).  The final product was a pom-pom topped offering for a clearly very cold penguin.

The boyos hands were icy after an hour kicking ball outdoors this afternoon...... am afraid to mention gloves. I'd forgotten how satisfying it is to make something for someone else who loves it.  Just like the whole day.... church, then an "elbows up" lunch with the whole family squeezed in round the table for finger licking roast chicken dinner and lots of conversation.  Mellow and perfect pleasure on a Sunday.  Hope yours has been good too.