Hooky happiness returns

Ulster's Causeway coast is lovely - despite the choppy looking sea, it was great to be outdoors for a while - but too hot for my very pale skin. I love to sit out, but even with a really high factor block, there's only so much scorch I can take so while the darker skinned brother and mother enjoyed sitting out to read for a while, I hid in the car and hit the hook on the new rug.  It's based on the hydrangea pattern from Lucy at Attic 24 but I've chosen colours to work for us.  Love this pattern - the hooky equivalent of chick lit - just what's needed on holiday.

Because it's been a tough few months, we've been trying to crawl out of the cocoon a little - a couple of wee tea parties for some of mum's friends who've been really kind and supportive.  I've reached the stage of life where the tongue-in-cheek thing allows me to use mum's Old Country Roses china tea-set.  The ladies love it as part of the afternoon tea elegance thing.  And who on earth uses a rose bowl anymore!? It's fun doing the whole retro thing for mum and her chums.

The raspberry and cream do-dahs are little elderflower and berry jellies.  Last time I made them with a (healthy) quantity of Prosecco but didn't have any left nearby.  They were ok I guess, but next time, they'll have a little something grown up added!

Seeing quite a few of these guys hiding in the hedges and fields recently.  I love the colours.