365:059 Toolips

Spring is in the air... toodlepip February.

365:058 Lisnawhatsit

So, all attempted pronounciations please for where you'll arrive at 3 miles down the road? (Had me stumped for years.) Oh - and an extra few from the lovely sunset light up in the north coast on Saturday night. So, the Causeway museum, the beautiful sky over the ruins of Dunluce castle, the entrance to the Bushmills Inn and John Willis' painting of Finn at the pub . Enjoy.

365:057 dad?

I've never worked out what dad was doing half a mile away....

365:056 Marmalade

Not strictly "signs", but "labels" - same principle though? Now, anyone for hot buttered toast and a pot of tea to go with the marmalade?

365:055 Sharks ahoy?

This one's from the local harbour - alternative text - "sharks chase boat up ramp"?

365:054 Signs of the times

Not a planned theme following yesterday's "stop" sign for the birds... but this one made me giggle this morning. It's on the drive through the grounds of one of the local schools (just at the Belmont Road roundabout for those with local knowledge!) and I think it says a lot.
D'you think it's a reflection on the old joke about this particular school educating the "cream" of society?!

365:053 "Fowl" play

Well it amused me this morning - the suggestion that the winged wildlife around Lough Neagh might be literate - they all seemed to be following instructions. I guess the guys perched on the railings were getting impatient though and none of the swans seemed to know why they had to "stop"!

365:052 0710am

Lovely surprise this morning when I had a look out the bedroom window - a fresh snowfall - unusual when we're just yards from the beach.

365:051 Down time

It's been a long run of panto, but at last I've reached the end. Now for some serious down time and when I'm too tired to "read", one of my favourite ways is to mosey through a pile of cookery books. Not the most inspiring pic today - but I'm so out of energy to even think :o{

365:050 Tomorrow's menu

Saturday's coming... and so are "the kids" - looks like finger lickin' fried chicken on the menu.

365:049 Crush hour

Every time I go to London for the day on work business, it takes an average of five minutes on the tube to remind me why I chose to work back in Belfast. Looonnng day.

365:048 Early start

So maybe I should be in bed already?

365:047 Ah Bliss

My favourite kind of "radio" therapy - BBC Radio 4, a mug of tea and peace and quiet. Perfect end to the day.

365:046 Harlem moment

So a new camera - seems sharper than the other one - and a tea break out of the office with Mark. Perfect for the first photo in the camera - almost as perfect as the apple tart... Cheers McC!

365:045 Love is...

365:044 Brushing up against history...

One of those old fashioned things I don't do so often is polishing my footwear with wax and brushes, even though I love the smell of the tinned shoe polish. I've got lazy and generally use the bottles with an applicator sponge attached. The brushes we use were my granda's from his time in the RAF (1938 - 1945). His id number is cut into them, but doesn't show up on the pic. The brushes live in a wooden shoe caddy made by dad as a sample piece to inspire his woodwork class long ago... so doubly special. (New camera due on Monday so an end I hope, to blurred, wick pics.)

365:043 Downpatrick today...

I've been in primary schools in different parts of NI yesterday and today. Today, it was the turn of St Brigid's. We've been "user-testing" a new website about St Patrick with 8 - 10 year olds. Some days it's a lovely job, despite the ridiculously early starts. The children had a display of crosses made for St Brigid's day which I think.. is at the start of February.

365:042 0530 start...

Dawn this morning... Belfast. Too early for any sane person to start work.

365:041 Currently listening to...

"Gospel Road" - Brian Houston. Track of the day - "The Lord is Still the Lord" - mmmm. Have a listen to the words and tell me this isn't a song for the season.

365:040 Mousemat

My favourite mousemat linking some of my favourite things... France, crafts, history and the computer - ok, the latter not a "favourite" thing, but it gets a lot of use. Roll on the holidays! Oh la la.

365:039 A day at the beach...

It's always a good time for family - today was time to catch up with another cousin. My parents are Nanny Leta and Papa for his wee toddler since my cousin's father was murdered 29 years ago in what we knew as "The Troubles".

365:038 Doodle's birthday

Happy birthday to my lovely brother. Blurry shot, bleary headed photographer. Candles being relit - one blow's never enough.

365:037 Windmill Lane Studios

No posting yesterday - had an exhausting day recording an album in Dublin. A very early start, and about 12 hours off and on just standing singing fabulous worship songs to the tracks laid down by the orchestra over the previous two Saturdays - possibly one of the top ten most satisfying days? Didn't get home until after 3am but wouldn't have missed it for the world. Too bad we have to wait for months to get the results!

365:036 TGIF

Thank goodness it's Friday... and chillin' out time for ten minutes. I taught myself to play backgammon on a flight to the States last year.

365:035 Catchin' up with the cousins

The highlight of today was catching up with lexibex and the family in their lovely new home. Great to see she's passing on the quilting bug to the girls too!

365:034 Sing out!

Big fat high notes for the sopranos make me glad I'm an alto. Windmill Lane Studios here we come!


First night of Moore study group after the Christmas break. Two exams down and we're full steam ahead on NT1.

365:032 Chillin'

So when you've made yummy choc chip muffins to eat in the car (one in each hand) on your way home, it's a bummer when they're too hot to handle. Just as well your wheelbarrow of toys contains a handy mini-fan to chill things a bit. A 3 year old with a bit of wit!