The Season of New Beginnings

It's happening - the seasonal fizz that September brings.  I wander past shop displays of pens and notebooks and long to be back teaching - the season of new beginnings.  Although, a confession.  I did give in and bought a packet of sharpies - I tried to resist for months, literally.  But when they were reduced... I've had to colour code my notes this week just to sort of try them all out.  (What is the point of a yellow pen?)

A family highlight was mum's birthday - the annual end-of-summer-birthday bash at our home.  All the cousins, aunts and uncles gather and as we've several August birthdays - so a cake to suit everyone was required.  It was fun to do.

Outdoors, it's been a long, damp, too-cool August and despite the craving for a little more heat and even some sunshine, I'm glad to see Autumn approach so things can get back to 'normal'.

The tomato plants aren't exactly heavy with fruit, and most of it will never ripen now.  The apple trees did their best and we have a reasonable amount of fruit, but not enough.  Even the "Lord's Larder" - my normal foraging lanes - have a few scant blackberries and lots of wee green, runty berries which would need a heatwave and a miracle if they're to feed the birds never mind my empty jam jars.

My pioneering inner self is nervous about a lack of home made produce in the store cupboard - I may just have to buy jam this winter.  Ye gads, a shocking state of affairs - especially when the met men are warning of a cold winter in the pattern of recent el nino years.  How will we survive without jam?I also have such an urge to chop wood - pointless when we've a gas Aga and central heating... but it's taking real restraint.  Almost certainly the outcome of a Laura Ingalls Wilder addiction as a child.