The light was beautiful this evening when I nipped round to the harbour chippy.  A  sunny September day was giving way to a misty evening, the tide was out and there wasn't a breeze - does the Beaufort scale have minus numbers for super-still weather? 

It's a feast for the senses tonight too - the air tastes and smells tangy.  Salty.  The streetlights near the path to the beach are hazy through the mist and the sound of a fog horn hangs in the air.

This is 'my' little stretch of coastline at its autumnal best. 

Tonight, with windows wide open, I will snuggle under a quilt, ever thankful for family, food, clean water, health, a roof over our head and a safe, secure place to sleep.  

I'll fall asleep surrounded by the scents and sounds and sensations of a cool, misty, night by the sea. 

Enough is all that's needed, yet I have so much more.  I'm grateful.

Ah autumn...

There's a very definite change in the atmosphere.  Farmers busy themselves with essential work while the weather holds and just beyond the fields, the waters of the Irish Sea are a little rougher than of late.

Lamps are switched on earlier in the evenings, the spiders are weaving cobwebs overnight on an industrial scale in my home- they abseil from the ceiling, dangling right in front of my eyes.  I've hand-transported a few bold beasties from the house to outdoors, fully aware that I'm just slowing down their progress as they find their way back in for the night shift. It's still too warm to keep the windows closed.

I spotted this fabulous village sign on a work visit this week.  For years a friend thought it was pronounced Tamla O'Frilly.

Today, the sultry, heavy weather sent me to the hedgerows with my parents for blackberries.  Smaller fruits and less juicy this year I think, but enough.  Maybe we're following on from other pickers or maybe July just wasn't wet enough.  Lots are still red and runty and probably won't get enough rain now to swell then sun to ripen.

Drippy jelly action in the kitchen tonight after book club and in the morning, sweetness added and a few pots of brambly goodness to put away for the dark months.