guess what I'm working on....!

It might be well thumbed, stained and with loose pages, but this is my favourite book from way back when. I think I bought it in 1974 at CSSM in Groomsport.  CSSM is like a non-residential camp organised by Scripture Union (Children's Sea Side Mission - or Come Single Soon Married for the students on the team!)

Every day we made a huge platform in the damp sand and decorated it with shells and flowers and trailing sea weeds, then gathered round with parents... scores of  us.  From the top of the platform, guitar playing students led us in choruses, stories were told, Bible verses were memorised and we learnt to love Jesus...

That summer, I learnt to love Narnia too.  I also learnt to see and love deeper, Biblical truths it taught.  CS Lewis (Jack) was from Belfast, my home town, and there was a certain pride that something so magical had been written by one of our own. 

I loved those books and still do, so imagine my delight to be writing a "journey through Narnia" in words and music for a festival in Dublin.  On Saturday evening, part of our choir, orchestra and band will be in Christchurch, Bray and I am so looking forward to sharing the good news about the real Aslan with the audience - I have so loved writing it. 

Words... music... and Narnia... bliss.