Ah yes.... sponsorship

Ali is putting me to shame. So since I'm the only one in the Book and Pudding Club team (to the best of my knowledge!) that has acutally had boob rot (cancer) I guess I need to make more of an effort to fund raise! Ta to everyone in the lovely world of work who's chipped in. Anyone else who'd like to.... it's such a good cause.

(Just as long as we clarify that when it comes to the "race" bit, think more "tortoise" than "hare". And as for the book and pud club gals... the pudding bit of our evenings sometimes (?!) gets more attention than what we've been reading... hence the previous sentence. Now, as Ali would say, we're clear when it comes to the Trades Description Act.)

NOW!!!! See the big blue rectangle to the side ... the one with the pink and white bit that says "RACE FOR LIFE - SPONSOR ME"? Well, all you need is a bit of plastic and the will to do something to share a few pounds/dollars/yen/shekels/euro whatever. All gladly received! Honestly! And thanks.

Cue Vacuum cleaner noises

Anyone know where I can buy glue on hair?!

I discovered an old school friend has a hairdressers near home, and since I needed a TRIM (ie - "just take the ends off please - I'm happy coming every few weeks....") but I think we talked a little too much. Rather, she talked and my eyes watered at the pain of watching my folicles disappear - couldn't have done a cleaner job if she'd used a vacuum cleaner.

Thing was, there was no point in stopping her, because once one bit's done..........

If you see a bucket on two shoulders waltz down the street... it's me. See you uh... maybe in September?

(Now where did I leave those chemo hats............)

How many friends...

...can you hope for in one day? (Not including Robo and Angela who were slaving away in the kitchen a few doors away!) I seriously love it when people either just pop in because they were passing by or call to say they hope you're in because they're on their way. Had lots of visitors today which put a smile on everyone's face here.

Ali wanted an update on the plot.... seeds in trays, spuds chitting, soil broken up (borrowed a bit of machinery from a friend, ) and more to do tomorrow. Thanks Dad, Phil and L - sometimes a bit of muscle is very much needed! Looking forward to your help tomorrow Doodle ;o)

On the lookout for a 10ft gate if anyone has a spare lurking behind the shed?

Allow me to introduce...

... my dad and his chums. They've been in the Boys' Brigade pretty much all their lives. Dad's 76 now and the others are in the same age bracket - give or take a decade. As kids they played football together, cycled about Ireland, camped here and in GB. -Dad sang in a quartet that I'm told was pretty amazing.

They've all been members of the BB Old Boys' Association for years too - meeting EVERY week for Bible Class on a Sunday afternoon, Friday night for indoor bowls and snooker and on Saturdays in the summer for outdoor bowls. A lot of them are in the BB Centenary Choir - dad loves it - and they sound great as they visit churches to sing at special services.

This wee video clip of the Old Boys was taken at the end of the annual district parade last Sunday afternoon - right after the service. All the young members of the BB had already passed by, but I love this bunch right at the end of the parade. They just never give up. I can't begin to imagine how many artificial knees and hips and heart pacemakers are helping these guys along, but I take my hat off to them.

For those who know Belfast, they'd just passed by the City Hall and the High Sherrif had taken the salute - they were on their way back to May St Presbyterian. The band is the Symington Memorial. (My dad's the happy chap on the far side - he waves at the camera as he passes...)