funky cake!

Update on the happy zone.....

The wedding cake was a lot of fun. Different flavoured tiers, and in keeping with the theme of gerberas for the whole wedding.

And it was a fabulous day - thanks to the new "Minnie Tinnies"!

Welcome to the happy zone.

Northern Ireland is living up to the Vivaldi thing - four seasons in one day.. or at least in one week. The only thing we haven't had this week is frost.

That's the bad news.

The good news is that I'm in a happy zone. (Can you feel the vibes from there?)

I have a wedding cake to decorate for next Wednesday and a house to refurb for a friend by the end of September - so a creative outlet and an organisational one - both make me very happy!

I love the "before and after" thing of a house - the satisfaction of emptying it, repairing then redecorating - and to a short timescale so there's no time to diddle about. This is a three story red-brick (brownstone) end of terrace in need of a lot of love.

The cake is a fun one - multi coloured and zany - so I can't wait to get started - I've all four tiers baked already - a different flavour for each one. It's going to be a busy Saturday and the finishing touches will be done on Monday so I can deliver it to the hotel on Tuesday evening and assemble it.

Roll on the weekend.