Did you hear the one about....

...the Irish policeman and the Polish driver? It's worth a read on the local news website - a case of mistaken identity of sorts... and a lot of red faces in the Irish cop shop.

You couldn't make it up. I'm still laughing an hour since I heard the report.

Enjoy. Here beginneth the weekend methinks.


Wow. Two posts in one day... but I can't resist this one.

I also love it when things sort of slide together into place. An example.

To the left of my desk is a very large wall map. I glanced at it a few moments ago as the clouds cleared and a shaft of brilliant sunlight poured through the not quite drawn curtains and fell on the world at my elbow.
At the very same time, an email pinged into the inbox... from a friend... asking for prayer for a missionary family who may have to return to the UK if they can't find teachers very soon for the kids.
Of course, the couple in question work in... India....
So, an email about people I don't know, in a country I don't much think about, just as it's "highlighted" for me?

Co-incidence? Serendipity? A God moment? Anyone got a better name for these delightful little incidents that you feel should mean something...?
Maybe there was a reason! If you're reading this, and you can teach music, English, RE, art and PE to A level, get in touch, I know a place where they need you urgently.


I love those soft, gracious posts where bloggers tell you what they can see from their window, what's on their mind and what they're wearing.

So it's my go.

Favourite lilac flannel shirt, teashirt (not a tee shirt - it wouldn't give clues as to what one had been drinking....) and half dead black sweatpants (I'm in my own study in an empty house and they're comfortable - get over it). On my mind... what do worms taste like? Y'see, there are lots of birds heaving themselves at the freshly tilled field across the road... clue to what's going on outside my window. Today's new word is "Nyangye" -the kind of air you can chew. Happens around this time of the year when the farmer is helping nature along by spraying the field with something not quite natural.. and within "chewing" range of my study window. Bleuchgh.

(birds cleverly disguised as dots....)

senior moments?

So after a hectic couple of weeks, it's nice to pop in and say hello again. (Confession, it was busy - but not THAT busy - I actually forgot who I was and couldn't bloomin' log in! There you go. A senior moment. Oooo that feels better now.)

Little visitor time and we were baking again.... yummy buns this time;

and braving the freezy breeze to hit the beach with nanny and granda;

Then it was time to sort out the rental house to make it easy for the nice inspector to give us five lovely red stars! Whooopeeee.... all that hard work rewarded!

Not so nice was spending hours in the A&E department of the Ulster Hospital with an elderly aunt who'd broken her wrist and was very confused. She's a little unsteady on her feet, so I wasn't quite sure how I'd get her to the car once she'd been plastered (paris of... not the other kind!!) but help came in the form of the hobbling angel and her hubby. Sorry for your trouble Ali, but very thankful for the help! The Lord works in mysterious ways.......