treats all round...

Treats for a birthday - mine today!   The village has a long history - the harbour wall allegedly dates back to the vikings, the Duke of Schomberg landed 10 thousand troops here in 1689, Titanic sailed past in 1912... and it's one of my favourite places as the day draws to an end.  Not many little yachts in the water by late November.... and not too many visitors to the historic cottages on the left.  The children's paddling pool is empty and the visitors over the winter months are mainly dog walkers.

To Belfast next, and the ornate interior of a very nice restaurant.  With a gift still in my grasp since last November, I treated my parents to a visit to The Merchant.  It's an old bank, and a favourite haunt for people in search of a deliciously posh afternoon tea... we like to break the mould, so had lunch instead and oh, it was so good.

Not the place for a discreet outing though - we knew the family at the table right behind us and the couple at the table beside - great to catch up with old friends.  Belfast's like that - a small world where it's a rare day when you don't meet someone you know.

Birthdays demand a little pushing out of boats I think.  Tea at home with the family and a friend.... the perfect end to the start of another year.


No photos today... am tired and have had "one of those days".  Actually, it's been one of those weeks... but that's not for here, even though it's an unread, cathartic wee spot!

I worked a 16 hour stint at the weekend on a writing job and finished at breakfast time on Monday.  Today, the inner clock is still out of kilter.  Today, the computer also is out of kilter... I had an advert infestation and now the anti-virus has plonked too so I've spent hours trying to sort it out.

Tonight, a FB friend threw a bit of a huff at a comment I made ... and I kind of lost the will to live and hit the blue bit at the end of the rope.  Five indulgent minutes of a wee weep and feeling sorry for myself... then I wised up.  

Sure, there are times when I wish things were different, but generally I'm a contented kind of person.  I'm accepted by the ones who count and forgiven by the one who created me... and while I screw up too often, I'm still loved.  

As for the huffy friend, he'll get over it.  Facebook drives me nuts anyway so I've deactivated my account (again!) and the recovery in my mood was instant. 

Now to take control of other things that are getting on my wick!  

There now.  That felt better!