365:153 The only cat I can tolerate

I don't like cats. There. I've said it. (Probably not for the first time on this blog, but who's counting.)
This one I can tolerate because it allows me to do the ocd thing with the in car "essentials"; this furball pot holds scissors (I've lost count of the number of times I've used them to wrap last minute gifts, cut open battery packets etc), a torch (you never know), pens and pencils (I leave work and walk to the car still holding them), hand cleanser (ocd, I told you, I'm seriously beginning to worry but I mean really, who knows what you grasp on door handles or coins), almost dead chewing gum , tweezers (don't ask) and spec spray.
It wasn't until I took the pic I realised the furball has a pink bow and dress. The scissors will come in handy again tomorrow.

365:152 You wouldn't want to know me really

So call me weird but I cut the wings of an angel. It's probably a genetic thing...I remember granny telling me about "people" who pulled the wings off a fly once just to see. Ouch. (Would they fly in circles if they just lost one?) Anyway, the angel. it freaked me a bit and while I'm not into mutilation otherwise, I did clip this one's wings.

Now from the back it just looks like someone shot it.

The faceless thing gets me a bit too....

(Anyone got a sharpie?)

365:151 Paying a-tent-ion

Just realised it's almost week since I posted pics. There just don't seem to be enough hours in the day.... unless you're 3.