And so, another year ends.

Happy new year! A few pics from the family album;

Christmas day was spent at my brother and sister-in-law's home - and featured a beautiful cake measured, mixed and wished upon by the l'il guy. (Wishes for a "real live dinosaur for Christmas" didn't quite materialise... wishes are a bit hit and miss these days.)

The cold polar bear (does such a thing exist?) looked great with his stripey blue scarf...

...though one blink later and a small person had nibbled all the bears snowballs.... and head!

The day after boxing day and we returned to the family get-together for lunch at a local restaurant then a toddle over to the beach to work up the appetite for deserts. Two small people who idolise another bigger cousin...

... and a lot of spinning and stone flinging into the waves, and everyone's happy.

I love the reflections on the damp sand.