Back to work

Several thousand emails to sift through, a 2007 diary to dump, dusty post-its to bin, and a phone to re-programme. Names to remember, and emails to send. But the worst? 13 months,and 2 weeks and 1 day's worth of cracker crumbs and cream cheese smear to wash of a plate and a knife... I meant to call back into the office at the end of the afternoon session of the course, but there were obviously other things on my mind that day.

It's weird being back at work...

So it wasn't his priority after all!

I have to admit it, I was wrong. I was so sure President Obama was a man of his word. Despite his promise to prioritise the legislation to make it easier to kill babies, he clearly didn't have that as high up the list as bankrolling other people to do the job, not just in the USA but in many developing countries. If you missed the news, he lifted a ban on providing federal funding to foreign family planning organisations that facilitate abortions. Shame on him.

Add that to today's news from Belguim where another man went crazy with a knife among the babies and toddlers in a creche, killing two little ones, an adult and injuring another 10 children and 2 adults to the extent they all needed surgery and you have to ask what's going on.

These stories hit the headlines today. Yet while our focus is directed towards them, we shouldn't forget the many children in other places who also endure pain, neglect and abuse at the hands of those who should protect them.

If ever our most vulnerable needed saturated in prayer, it's now.

A new era.. with freedom of choice on the way

This week, all the stops were pulled to help two newborn British children survive. You can read the story here, but in brief, their mother went into labour 10 or 11 weeks early and in snowy, windy conditions, the nation's best went into action to bring them from the Isle of Lewis to a hospital in Glasgow and to care for them. Everything possible is being done to help the little girl and boy survive.
Tonight, our American friends have a new leader. He'll have many tough decisions to make over the next four years but at least one pre-election promise needs re-thought.
While doctors in Scotland "care for" these little ones, doctors in other clinics continue to "take care of" other babies.... in a very different way. President Obama has said that making it easier to kill babies is one of his priorities.... ok, maybe he didn't word it that way, but watch the video clips yourself and tell me how you read it. To clarify, when "choice" is mentioned in the clips, they're talking about a women's right to choose whether her unborn baby should live or be killed. The "Freedom of Choice Act" (FOCA) President Obama's going to make his priority, will make abortion much more available and with fewer rules.

The Soggy Bottom folk

Awoke to a house that felt like a refugee camp - beds, bodies and "make do" everywhere. Lovely - just the way I like it. I escaped to play for a panto rehearsal (Oh no you didn't, oh yes I did) and that was short but sweet.

Now, when the forecast says "gale force winds and driving rain" and gives a "stong weather alert", you'd think sane adults would have more sense than to sit in the middle of it all, outdoors, watching 31 men hurtle round a field trying to stay warm. So I was reassured when Ali and Anon's other half said... the wind will get us, but not the rain...we won't get wet in our seats, never get wet there.... never in all these years. Except today.

Dreepin' ringing soaking puddle-bums the five of us were... like there was no roof over our heads. I've never really seen such persistant horizontal rain before, nor have I seen players take shelter behind the padded bit of the poley things (technical term), but hey! A good result. Well done Ali and co for ... re-enthusing me re rugby. I'll be back.... especially if Ulster keep winning ;0) Next time I bring a hip flask.

Now... cranium is planned at number 6. Hope they have the fire lit!

Things are looking up!

It's howling with a gale outside and there's piddly rain too, but it's a good day. Here's why:

I got a big fat pink "good news - everything looks good" from an assortment of doctors this week. I'm now officially over the first year bump. Clear skies ahead! Thanks everyone who supported me over the year with fun stuff, kindness, love and prayers. You made a difference.

I'm doing sugarcraft again - one wedding cake on the books already for the spring - happy days! That means I might have a few more to add to my album!

My camera issues are now sorted! The credit card statement arrived this morning to show a full refund from the company since they couldn't return my camera to me! Happy happy days and my faith in the decency of small businesses is now restored. More nice shots from around our coastline on the way! (This one's from Donaghadee.)

There's a full house this weekend - everyone above plus Grace - all coming for a big fat sleepover. Yeay!

How much more happiness can a girl take?!

Very unusual birthday present!

My just-turned-10 God-Daughter number 2 (hereafter GD2) had an unusal birthday present this month - a Hampshire ewe and two lambs! Goes without saying almost that the l'il guy adored them - he blew a raspberry everytime the ewe "huff puffed" at not having her lamb right beside her - very funny. Pic shows GD2, her sister and the l'il guy. A cold, but very happy day!

New Year's Honours....

Hooooey - I've just been given an award. The Lemonade Award.

Yeah I know, anyone who knows me is laughing hysterically at the very idea of my name on "the" new year's honours list! (Not exactly the strongest supporter of HRH and the old "honours" system... but hey, this one a-peel-ed to me!) Thanks Ali - undeserved as it is - this one doesn't give me the pip! In fact, coming as it did from Dana to Ali to me, I'm chuffed to wee bits. Thanks girls. I'm "honoured".

No big sticks!

Hi, new day in the diary, so "happy new day". I prefer that to "happy new year". It doesn't seem so daunting or set up for failure if you get my drift. No big sticks to beat myself up with.

I don't "new year resolutions" - somehow when the lose weight/get fit/become frugal/walk more/be kinder/pray more/study more/stop kicking cats/quit-drowning-slugs-in-booze routine falls by the wayside (by day 3), it sort of knocks the head of steam out of you a little. Having a "new day, fresh start" thing going, gives you a regular chance to start afresh.

So with that in mind, the "not eating any sweets" goal (which lasted 6 hours) can kick in again tomorrow can't it? And it'll not do any more harm to just finish the box of jellies. It's not all gloom though - the "walk more" got started ok. I walked to the car. And in again. Does that count?

"Find someone with a pulse to play backgammon with" is the next goal - s'got to be more fun than beating a computer .