UFOs at last!

It's been an interesting Easter - too cold to do the normal things like day-drives and picnics.

So I've been tidying up a few UFOs (UnFinished  Objects....) like the knitting; indigo merina wool cowl for mum and a scarf for Hannah (almost there), a prem baby coat (very cute) and a prem blanket. 

Then there was the crochet - several baby blankets with less or no pink as everyone seems to have had boys recently and there weren't any boy blankets left in my stash.

It's been satisfying.

This week?  Baking and writing and getting sorted for a whole week away at cookery school...  I think I'm looking forward to it... the hesitation is just because it's been on the horizon for so long, and I'm now fluffled in case it doesn't live up to it's expectations.  Trying to see it as a holiday doing something different.