Blustery weather, an anniversary, cakes and God's larder....

Yeay!  Fresher weather at last wtih choppy-ish waters at the historic little harbour of
Groomport on the County Down coast, but sunny still.  Cooler nights mean better sleep.

The harvest of Bramley apples has been abundant this year - the weather has suited.  We've had good windfalls to make pots and pots of apple jelly for the winter and the first crop of full fruit has yielded half a laundry basket so far.
"God's larder" is a small country lane within a mile of home;  in season we have elderflowers for cordial, then wild garlic for the best, greenest pesto, and now we have blackberries and rosehips.  Again, the weather of a long, cold winter followed by a wet spring and hot summer has filled the brambles and we've already potted blackberry jelly galore and had our favourite pudding of all - blackberry apple crumble.  The freshest of apples from our garden (harvested by my father and nephew) dotted with "perfectly placed pockets of purple plumptiousness" (blackberries to us mere mortals!) with an oaty, sweet crumble and softly whipped cream.  Divine and clearly enjoyed by small nephew - bowl licking good.

The wedding cake season is over and all went well.  A couple of new types of decoration were required - elegant ivory piping for one bride and an alternately tiered fondant lace and fondant silk for another. Beautiful brides and delicious cake.

And a celebration of our own as my parents celebrated fifty-five years of marriage with a little tea party for family and a few friends. 

We're thankful for family, friends, the late summer sunshine and food from God's larder.  What are you thankful for today?