I'm SO (never) bored that...

... I haven't blogged about the latest trip west to the States (great to see Jennifer and co) ... or the exam at the end of the first unit in the Certificate of Theology course some of us are loving.... or progress in "God's Garden" (yummy produce and sheds like men... ie - none for ages then two arrive at once....) or a certain boy's first birthday.... or even the fact that this year's "colour" isn't sun kissed skin but a mix of rust and mould. Welcome to summer NI style.

We did have a lovely day however for the Craven clan picnic ...(half the family.) If you didn't make it - WE MISSED YOU - please come next year! So without further ado.... a few snaps.

If you're in them, you'll know the who, what, where and when stuff. If you're not - it's a mix of the north coast of NI and Easton PA. Enjoy peeps.