365:146 -150

Paint your wagon....or at least paint the house... still not sure why we needed a cherry picker. Still, house now glowing so it'll be seen from the moon.

Big blousey poppy in the park.

Perfect for a "Fryday" (with a couple of stolen chips).

Saturday cards and coffee at Robo's - we were fundraising for Compassion and selling lovely Phoenix Cards... then round to see the old boys bowling... dad and Billy posed for a pic - so cold they were as white as their coats.

Sunday was Praise in the park day...

Beautiful sunrise today - maybe beautiful every morning but I'm generally not around to peek out at the water at 0435. (Scotland in the distance.)

365:145 All smile now

Mum (still) looks after the Senior Members Fellowship in the church she used to work in. Today, they had wangled a little behind the scenes tour of Belfast City Hall and had a blast. Cheers Robo.

365:144 Blast from the past

I can't get today's photo to upload... so here's one from the past. Charlotte Beers - my mother's great, great grandmother - born in 1842. The famine seems such a long time ago... yet this woman was a toddler when it started... and we have photographs of several family members from that generation...

365:143 Stationary stationery.

Spring tidy in the study ... my shiny new home for the essential stuff... where it won't "move".

365:142 24 in the shade

It was a hot day... and even though the garden's cluttered (planters and furniture have been moved for the painters, we decided to have mini bbq. Why does life seem to slow down and food taste better when it happens outdoors? Feels like I'm on holiday today.

365:137 - 141

365:141 Friday 21st
For once I'm early. Except, it's late.

365:140 Thursday 20th

From the train at Carnalea halt. Nice tiling from children's art work - and it brightens up the platform.

365:139 Wednesday 19th

The campanula is out - love the purple against the white walls. (And yes, I know - the daffs need deadheaded!)

365:138 Tusday 18th
The secret's out - dad is a secret drinker. (Apple juice - and posed.)

365:137 Monday 17th
Ok - it was late and I was desperate... maple bubbles in the neck of leaf shaped glass bottle of maple syrup.


365: 136 Sunday 16th
These were the "story reminders" we made in beginners' Sunday School today. Just wish I'd recorded the bangs, clatters and rattles of all the shakers, tambourines and bells. A couple of dozen very happy 3 - 4 year olds and happy - but deafened - teachers. The story was about David praising God.

365: 135 Saturday 15th
Big Kids. New playpark in Donaghadee.... hardly any kids in sight, but the big people were having a blast!

365:134 Friday 14th

Baby cake. Not into gender stereotyping or anything, but I don't think it's for a boy....

365:133 Thursday 13th
A wee poke in Maud's, Donaghadee - I'd arranged to meet Lynda and son William when who should drive past waving but ma and pa. Like they hadn't planned it. Hmmmm ;p

365:132 Wednesday 12th

Took days to get over this. I'm not allowed to order feathers with a website address cut into the fluffy bit and a biro bunged up the other end because a health and safety officer is concerned about the chemical makeup of Fairy Liquid. I kid you not. The feathers are washed in it - then rinsed three times, but teachers might suck them and where would that leave education in Northern Ireland. And to think I only asked in case there was a rule about things kids might shove up their nose.

131 Brown out, Cameron and Clegg in.

(Sighs like Eyore as champagne corks pop all over the country.) Today's photo is mood reflective.

127 - 130 And even more oops

127 - Tried to snap when there were five church spires/towers in view but didn't manage it -train pulled out of station. How many churches etc per square mile in this part of East Belfast? And that's not counting mission halls etc with no tall bits.

128 - Brilliant morning - thanks to Clara and the anon photographer for pics as my camera died on arrival. Some of us from the New Irish Chamber Choir sang at the unveiling of a new piece of art from Ross Wilson - very moving ceremony and a big deal for this Loyalist community to acknowledge the slaughter of the 10th and 16th Irish Divisions as well as the 36th Ulster Division at the Somme. Massively big deal for them to agree to have a Bible verse in Irish as well as English. So now, for a new generation, a new way to "behold the sons of Ulster, marching to the Somme".

129 - The button boot my mother wore as a child. Badly written - despite use of the definite article, she had/has two good legs... and did have other footwear! This one's partner went walkabout over the last 70 years but this solitary, soft, leather lovely has it's own tale to tell. I adore this wee boot and used it as a creative prompt in a creative session about a new history website we're building.

130 - Happy 80th birthday Ewla; I got to decorate the cake mum made for a family friend, and lead the rabble in some trad Irish songs. We'd a lovely evening.

123 - 126 More oops!

123 - Eat up - you're in gran's and mum's not looking... "half pint" sinks not quite a half pint of ice-cream. When it comes with chocolate sprinkles, coloured sprinkles and marshmallows it's been declared "the most delicious ice cream I have eaten in my whole life". That's a big admission from a 3 1/2 year old!

124 - GB "old girls" night out at McKees - name no reflection on mum and Winnie - though I did hear mutterings about "former members not old girls".

125 - Hmmm.. Ulster's politicians as potential king makers? Somehow I don't think so.

126 - discreetly sneaky shot of fellow passenger's journey to work: makeup bag, coffee, paracetamol and iphone. HOW DO YOU PUT FAKE EYELASHES ON WHEN THE TRAIN'S MOVING?!!!!! More to the point - WHY would you put them on at any time?

119-122 Oops!

Sorry it's been a while folks... but the shots are getting uploaded at last. (I console myself that at least I've taken them and they are probably most of benefit to me as a log of the year's comings and goings!) So some now and some later today so upload doesn't glue up the server.

119 - Rainbow on Dublin Road - suspect the pot of gold in the multi-story carpark.. note to self - check level 13.
120 - Stiltwalker in Ards market - did Cafolla's poke do that to his skin?! - note to non-locals - a "poke" is an ice cream cone.

121 - Flowers (alstroemerias?) a "thank you" from the ladies breakfast - for "not" interviewing the speaker.

122 - Gang at HJ's and M's amused at having the Tatler's page 48/49/50 pin up in our midst...