not a crochet hook in sight....

We've had wonderful, mellow dawns and dusks to bookend our days over the last week.  On Friday evening, Grace, mum and I headed to the harbour to watch the sun set - and to knit (mum), crochet (me) and swim - a very brave 13 year old!!!

I love the colours in the sky and the last rays of light on mum's face.

Time for a little refurbishment too - one of mum and dad's wedding presents from 1958.  I'm not sure it's Lloyd Loom but it's very similar - an ottoman or blanket box with a wicker base and a lid that has been much sat and stood on.  

One of mum's favourite story is of buying me a nurse's uniform to dress up with when I was about three years old.  She was busy in the kitchen and wondered why things had gone quiet - I was no where to be seen.  Upstairs, she found the ottoman lid open and a wee nurse fast asleep inside on the pile of quilts and blankets.  

Time for a refurb then!  It was interesting to remove the layers of fabrics from previous recoverings right down to the original dark red and gold material.  

A new lid was needed and dad got to work on that while I sprayed the wicker.  
As the paintwork dried, I recovered the newly made lid with a lovely cranberry and grape striped fabric from Laura Ashley.  

I think it looks much fresher now.... except it shows up the matching chair... and the curtains... and the room maybe needs a coat of paint now too - you know how it goes!!  Just the kind of project I love and I'm looking forward to the next bit.  It did however, satisfy the crafty thing for a day or so and I haven't touched the crochet all day - imagine! A whole 24 hours and I haven't played hooky.

It was a happy June!

So when the tidying up got sorted and the place was spickety-span, there was time for fun.  
A few June memories... like a day out on the Causeway Coast with the girlies to celebrate (again!!) Robo's 50th birthday. I think everyone should have a week's worth of fun at least for every special birthday.  May I introduce Maggie, Jenni, Heather, Rosie, Robo et moi.

I got into a total tangle with rolling a skein of yarn into balls, so my ever patient parents took up the challenge - mum has an original neck-toe method when there aren't any willing hands available to hold the skein!

When a small boy breaks the SAME arm twice in 5 weeks, summery diversions are called for.  This was a trip to the local pottery and his outer-space-penguin-on-the-reverse plate has now gone into every day use at home.  For being one-handed, his detail was great and his patience with the three old dolls with him really sweet.

We also had a visit to a friend who's a Guide Dog puppy walker - she was 'puppy sitting' 3 bundles of fun for a few hours when we called in.  Meet Zara, Felix and Cecil.  (Oh yes, and mum, Fiona and Sam.)