catching up?

Ok, so it's been a while... but since I've been ribbed and jibed and coaxed and cajoled, I'm posting and I'm adding photos as well. Not one a day. Sometimes there just weren't enough hours; other times, there just wasn't enough interest. So a summary is called for.
Now, where did we leave off..... June? Well that was about France mainly - communal lollipops with Granny/Nanny Leta and Granda/Papa on a very hot day.
Half the family went home after a week - no reflection on the ones left behind of course!

July? Hmmm.... more France and then back home for a swanky afternoon tea at the Merchant courtesy of a friend's very thoughtful gift. (Thanks Angela!)

August? Aul Llamas Fair in Ballycastle with it's collection of strange people.... really - once is enough!

Then a quick retreat to a lovely sausage sizzle at Ballintoy Harbour. Could have made a fortune if I'd brought more bangers... something to do with the Cookstown whiff outdoors on a hot day attracting lots of hungry walkers!
September/October? Bit of a blur really... though it was all about family: the loss of a loved one for my sister-in-law, and the reminder to make the most of the truly important people.