It's chilly and sunny today in my nest by the beach - a very welcome change from the almost daily rain and grey skies. I normally love winter but after a damp, dreary 'summer' and Autumn, I'm ready for any wholehearted weather - snow, frost, Sun - just something that looks definite. The daily dismal has worn thin.

I've been busy though. On the hook, a shell pink silky, lace weight, free hand jumper. Lace weight! At my size it'll take a decade to crochet. What was I thinking?

The chunky rug has been warming it's owner since Christmas but I forgot to take a photo of it when finished - the quickly hooked pastel rug was carried to Australia by one cousin for another cousin.

And so to my quilt top. Double Irish chain in crisp white and smoky blues. I'm in love. Just some tidying to do on the reverse and then the curvy pins then it's time to start on the slow - but satisfying task - of tiny stitches. I'd love to get into the way of using a thimble but previous attempts were abandoned- it felt as clumsy as sewing with a shoe on my finger.

Any experienced quilters like to share their wisdom on thimbles?

And a final bit of faffing - this time in the kitchen - a puff pastry and apple rose.  Like there weren't a pile of more important things to do.. but sometimes, I just need to faff a bit.  You too?