Happenstance? Coincidence?

I love when paths 'accidentally' collide.  It's happened twice in the last few days...

Late home, I wanted to watch this week's BBC "Who do you think you are"programme about Derek Jacobi.  A cousin had recommend it as his family background (and mine) traces back to the French Huguenots who sought refuge in the British Isles.

I watched the first few minutes - up until he arrived at a pie and mash shop in London his family had frequented when he was a child - M Manze.  Tiredness kicked in so I paused the programme at this point and headed to bed and a few pages of a new book ("Jam and Roses").  I turned the page and started to read... the main characters were heading to their favourite pie and mash shop - M Manze.

It might be well known in that part of London - I'd never heard of it before but what are the odds of it being mentioned twice in about 10 minutes?

This afternoon, I was listening to the news coverage of one of Van Morrison's 70th birthday concerts in Belfast today.  The interviewee was hoping the song about Van's old home "On Hyndford Street" would feature in the second concert.  They started to play the song and the phone rang....

You can see it coming can't you...  I took the call - a change of address someone wanted to pass on to my father.  And the new address was..... yes, you got it - Hyndford Street.  Seriously, what are the odds!

Does this ever happen to you?


  1. Things like that do happen. As I was reading your post and came upon Van Morrison's birthday I had to smile as my husband had just mentioned him about an hour ago. Have a great day! :) Judy from Canada

  2. That is very strange! Thanks for popping by my blog. Just having a browse of yours now. x

  3. Hello Judy and Hazel and thanks for stopping by.
    Hope you caught some of the concert Judy - one of the few dry, mild days of the summer!